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New Interview with Kendo from BoulderPM

Thanks to BoulderPM for throwing this up!

BoulderPM: Are you excited to be playing in Colorado?

Kendrick: Definitely excited to be back in Boulder playing The Fox, I love that venue. We played The Fox last time we were out here and people got crazy.

BPM: How does your new album (Air Mail) compare to previous albums. Anything new/different, or is it the same Two Fresh that the fans love?

Kendrick: There’s definitely a difference on this album than our previous ones. A lot of the stuff on this album, and just what we’ve been doing recently, is a lot more of our own original composition and a lot less sample based material.

BPM: What does it add having Colby (drummer for Two Fresh) throwing down with you guys?

Kendrick: Oh man, it definitely makes a difference having Colby. Not only is it more intense with a live drummer, but Colby just brings it to the next level. He has such a unique style to his playing. I’ve definitely played with drummers who have been similar to Colby and as good, but he just has his own flare to him that separates him from the rest.

BPM: What do you guys do to set yourself apart from the plethora of dj’s that are out there?

Kendrick: Right now, where the scene is, people really want to have shows as live as possible and want the DJ to be working. We have really tried to embrace that. Also, we are doing a lot of hip-hop in our work and we’re really trying to bring a new light to that, we really want to keep hip-hop alive in our music and elsewhere. We’re also putting our own twist on it though to keep Two Fresh what it is.

BPM: Did you have any major inspiration when you first got into making and producing music?

Kendrick: Well, I was born in Brooklyn and moved to Tennessee at a young age. My friend’s older brother who we used to roll around with would always be listening to hip-hop so a lot of our inspiration comes from hip-hop. Artists like Method Man, Red Man, Wu-Tang, and A Tribe Called Quest.

BPM: Do you and your brothers’ style differ at all?

Kendrick: Yea, there is definitely a difference in our styles. That really helps us balance each other though. Sherwyn has a more flashy style and we really feed off of each other. He would use tones and sounds that I would never use and that really works for us. The sound that comes from our difference is the sound of Two Fresh.

BPM: How do you keep things fresh when making music? How do you keep it different?

Kendrick: A lot of that comes from having new toys and working in the studio. The more you tinker with your old toys and the more new ones you get, the more you can change up your sound and discover new ones. Also starting tracks from scratch, which we are doing a lot now, really helps you get new and different sounds. As far as samples go, you just stumble upon new ones randomly and you can get an idea from that and have new sounds spawn from that.

BPM: Is there anyone factor that you can attribute to your success?

: Definitely 1320 records and STS9. They signed us to our first record and put out a lot of hype work and really backed us up. Elm & Oak has also played a part, and it’s really cool to come out to Colorado and actually see what the Elm & Oak crew is doing and how they work.

BPM: What can the fans expect for things to come from Two Fresh?

Kendrick: Expect a lot of new music from us. We’ve been working on writing lyrics and we’ve been having our friends do some lyrics and we’re going to put more rapping into our music. We’ve done tracks with MC’s before that we haven’t released and we’re going to put out a lot of that and a lot of our own stuff soon, so get ready for that.

BPM: What can we expect from your show on Friday?

Kendrick: It’s definitely going to get rowdy. Expect an eclectic show and get ready to throw down.

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